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Free Netflix Accounts FAQ

Free Netflix Gift Cards is our new website in which we giveaway free netflix gift cards to every one who visits our site. Our website gives the chance to everyone to get a free netflix card code. We know that it looks impossible to your eyes that we offer so many free accounts, but it is not! Our advertisors and sponsors pay us for every download of an code. We totally offer 27 accounts daily. How are you suppose to know if the account is still unused? Well, if you click on one of our accounts you will see that every account is tagged, indicating if it is Claimed or not. Our system automatically mark every free netflix gift card code which has been downloaded from other user as "Claimed". Note our system is not like an account generator, because a Netflix account generator will create their own user and pass, which are most likely fake because it is impossible to make accounts out of thin air. So if you want to get your free netflix gift card, visit our download page and choose one of the free gift cards!

How Am I Getting This For Free?

You are getting the gift cards for free because inorder for you to obtain you free netflix gift card you need to complete a survey, for each survey completion the advertisers pay our sponsers, who then provide us with gift cards.


How Many Gift Cards Can I Get?

We give out a maximum of 27 Free Netflix Gift Cards everyday, 9 of each kind. You can get as many cards as you want but if the limit is reached, the website automatically shuts down the download page.


Do I Need A Credit Card?

Unlike the 1 month trial, this is a free netflix gift card, the gift card has a prepaid value (months), the registration, using the code will automatically skip the credit card page.


How Do I Reedem My Gift Card?

Once you have recevied your free gift card code, go to: and enter the code on the right. Then continue with registration (credit card will not be required). Once you have registered allow 5-10 minutes for your account to be activated, once your account has been activated you will recieve an email from Netflix saying so.